Secure OpenVPN Routing between Multiple Networks using DD-WRT

Description I’ve created a secure routed VPN network between all of my family’s home networks.┬áHere’s what it looks like, followed by how I did it. DD-WRT Network Diagram Here’s an overview of the components: Home Network OpenVPN concentrator Netgear WNR3500L (480Mhz CPU, 8MB Flash, 64MB RAM) DD-WRT Mega/Big (Includes OpenVPN), with jffs enabled Local Network: Dynamic DNS: xxxx.dyndns.org Remote Client Networks 1 and 2 OpenVPN client Linksys WRT54G (266Mhz CPU, 4MB Flash, 16MB RAM) DD-WRT VPN (Includes OpenVPN), with jffs enabled Client Network 1 Local Network: 192.

Cisco VPN Client on DD-WRT Wireless Router

If you connect to a network served by a Cisco VPN concentrator, then you can run the Cisco VPN client on a router, instead of your computer. Running Cisco VPN on a router creates several advantages: Masquerades (NAT) the local network so that all computers behind the router can access the VPN network Re-connects on dropped connections. Splits and sends only traffic destined to the foreign network over the VPN connection.